What clients say

H & S, Birth Doula clients, 2014…

“Lindsey was the single biggest positive influence on our pregnancy and childbirth experience. Her character is calm, reassuring and gentle, but also humorous and lively, which we loved. She was incredibly empathetic throughout; especially postnatally we found this invaluable. She was totally able to support us in our preferences. Our methodology throughout was to keep ourselves informed to enable confident decision making…Lindsey was instrumental in enabling us in this respect.

Hiring a doula is a brilliant investment!”

S & R, Birth Doula clients, 2014…

“Lindsey was amazing. She was always there for us whenever we needed her. She was calm, kind and confident during the birth. She was a friend on the end of the phone and we will always be grateful.

Antenatally, Lindsey helped us navigate the complicated minefield of pregnancy. She answered all our questions and was always available whenever we needed her. During labour, while the midwife was brilliant, Lindsey made the experience feel safe and under control. Postnatally, she helped lots with breastfeeding tips. We were so happy that she was there to hold our hands throughout and would have been lost without her. Her continual support has enabled us to enjoy our new family.”

S, Birth Doula client, 2013…

“During labour, Lindsey helped me stay focused and keep the breathing going. She helped me stick to my plan and not lose myself. Helped me stay upright and mobile and I delivered baby in the birth pool.

Immediately after giving birth, Lindsey was my guardian angel. She looked after me and the baby; helped with showering and getting dressed; she did not leave me until I was settled in bed and comfortable. An amazing lady! Like a mum I never had.

My husband missed the birth and was so glad Lindsey was there to support me. He had been present at all of my 3 earlier babies’ births. This birth was by far the best.”

L, Breastfeeding support client, 2013…

I met Lindsey when my little girl was just a few days old, and we were having a really tough time with breastfeeding. Lindsey gave me helpful, practical suggestions about what might help me & my daughter establish a better breastfeeding relationship, based on her own experiences and evidence-based research. She observed us feeding, and offered suggestions about improving latching, as well as providing valuable reassurance for me at a very difficult time.  She also was able to recommend other avenues of support.

 Without Lindsey’s knowledge & support I’m sure I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding my baby – I don’t think anything prepared me for how hard the start of breastfeeding can be, and how worrying it is when you feel you can’t supply what your baby needs, but we’re still going at nearly 12 weeks, and hope to continue for much longer.”

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