Postnatal Doula Support

*** Newbury Doula is moving Stateside in the new year, so I am not taking bookings for births, antenatal sessions or post natal support. I recommend checking out the Doula UK website to find another doula, but get in touch if I can help. L xx ***

A positive start to life as a family ~ £300* for 21 hours support postnatally, usually taken in 3 hour blocks, from whenever you need me to start.

Flexible postnatal doula support ~ £15/hour* and I offer a 10% discount on the first 10 hours if you book(ed) me for antenatal support too. Block bookings welcome.

Every family needs support as they adjust to life with a new baby, whether it’s the first, second, third… As a postnatal doula I am there to offer support, encouragement and practical help, aiming to make this time more relaxed for the whole family.

I can help if you’re looking for someone to:

  • help you to gain confidence in your new roles as parents (or as parents of 2/3/4/…!).
  • come with you to appointments or new baby groups.
  • help you get more sleep.
  • provide practical help with baby and household tasks so you aren’t so overwhelmed.
  • support you with infant feeding.
  • look after baby while you have a bath on your own or get some one-on-one time with older siblings.
  • help with colic, high-needs babies, concerns about sleep or weaning, etc.
  • make sure you’re getting fresh air and eating healthily.
  • help look after older children.

I’m not at all fazed by new parents in their nightclothes, the house in chaos and everyone absolutely desperate for sleep – I’ve been there myself and can remember it well!

I can change nappies, play with older siblings, walk dogs, iron a much-needed shirt, wash the dishes, cook for you,  and make sure you (and your partner or granny!) get a cup of tea and something to eat. I can support parents as they get accustomed to babycare tasks, such as bathing baby, using slings or carriers or working out where and how everyone sleeps. I even assemble flat-packed nursery furniture! I can also just be there for the new parents as you adjust to this new phase in your life and recover from the birth.

I also work with families with older babies, whether just because they need extra support or to support through particular stages, such as introducing solids, going back to work or working through other challenges. I have supported families with babies with reflux, tongue tie, colic and sleep concerns.

You tell me what you need and I will try to help.

*If you are more than 10miles from me, I may still cover your area but will need to charge to cover travel expenses as well. This is quoted upfront before you book me so you know what you’ll be paying. Get in touch to find out more.