Doula Services

My passion is helping familiesto have better pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal experiences. Birth matters. How we experience becoming parents matters. Being happy with our choices, and having those choices supported, matters.

I am based in Newbury, West Berkshire. I will travel to clients living within approximately 45 minutes drive of Newbury.

My Doula Philosophy

I believe that my main job as a Doula is to help and support, but not to tell you what to do and never to judge.

As a Birth Doula, I will provide unconditional support as needed through pregnancy, labour, birth and the immediate postnatal experience.

My role is to help the parents (and other non-professional birth companions, if appropriate) to feel prepared and supported as birth approaches. By listening, providing balanced information when asked, and helping clients to be aware of all of their options, a Doula can help parents through their own unique journey into parenthood.

During labour and birth, I feel my role is to ensure your privacy and comfort as much as possible, to add as your advocate, if needed, and support your partner (or other birth companions!) so that they can be there 100% for you.

This can include practical support as well as emotional support, such as being the one to telephone the midwives, filling a birth pool at home, making sure drinks and food are supplied as needed or even looking after older siblings. If wanted, I can assist with techniques that may help you progress better and encourage labour, such as Rebozo sifting, counter-pressure and using different positions & stretches.

Part of my role is to help protect your birth space, so that you (and your partner) can get on with birthing your baby without unnecessary interference and with your preferences being respected.

I hope to help you feel informed and empowered at every stage, no matter what your choices or how labour & birth develops. I am there for you and your family at this important time.

After the birth, I will do all I can to protect this sacred time for your family as you get to know and bond with your new baby. I can provide support for the first feed and will remain with you as long as – but only as long as – you wish.

As a Postnatal Doula, part of my role is to help you to gain confidence in your new roles as parents (or as parents of 2/3/4/…!). I am there to offer support, encouragement and practical help, aiming to make the postnatal time more relaxed for the whole family as you adjust to the arrival of a new baby.

I’m not at all fazed by new parents in their nightclothes, the house in chaos and both parents absolutely desperate for sleep – I’ve been there myself and can remember it well!

I can change nappies, play with older siblings, walk dogs, iron a much-needed shirt, wash the dishes, soothe baby while you have a bath on your own or get some one-on-one time with older siblings and make sure you (and your partner or granny!) get a cup of tea and something to eat. I can also just be there for you as you adjusts to this new phase in your life and recover from the birth. I will support new parents in their feeding choices for their child, whether this is supporting getting breastfeeding established or helping new parents work out how to safely feed their baby in other ways. You tell me what you need and I will try to help.

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