Antenatal Prep & Support

*** Newbury Doula is moving Stateside in the new year, so I am not taking bookings for births, antenatal sessions or post natal support. I recommend checking out the Doula UK website to find another doula, but get in touch if I can help. L xx ***

Birth Choices session ~ £45 including resources

Unsure of what your options might be for birth? Perhaps you had a difficult birth previously and want to avoid the same situation happening again? Perhaps you’re being told “you can’t…” or “you must…” by your care providers and want to discuss this?

This 1 1/2 hour + session for you (and your partner) enables us to work through what may have happened in previous births or complexities of this pregnancy, and discuss your options for the birth, all in the privacy of your own home. I will leave you with some resources and you are also free to borrow books from my Doula-ing library.

Infant Feeding Preparation session ~ £45 including resources

This is a 2 hour session in your own home for you (and your partner) during the second half of your pregnancy.

We will explore your feelings about infant feeding, along with any previous experiences, and discuss options.

If you’re planning on or considering breastfeeding, we will also discuss how breastfeeding works, what to expect in the early days, how to latch your baby on effectively, how to access further support and practise some positions to feed your baby comfortably. If you’re unsure if you want to or can breastfeed, or plan to not breastfeed, we can discuss this too.

If you’re planning on supplemental feeding, mix-feeding, chest-feeding or using formula from the start, I can support you to explore your options and feel more confident about infant feeding. The flexibility of this session makes it ideal for all parents, including parents with a surrogate and those who are adopting.

This session is the perfect opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about infant feeding. This session is ideal alongside group classes with the NHS or NCT, and can be tailored to your needs.

I will leave you with some resources and you are also free to borrow books from my doula-ing library.

Nurturing the Expectant Parent ~ £15/hour plus, if you book me as your postnatal doula too, I offer a 10% discount on the first 10 postnatal hours

Being pregnant is a precious time, but it can also be an exhausting, emotionally challenging and confusing time. I can come and support in a similar way that I would postnatally: helping around the house, helping with older children, letting you get more rest, making nutritious meals and snacks to fill the freezer with, setting up nursery furniture (yes, I do build flat pack!) or being there to talk through concerns and help you work things out, whether it’s which buggy to get or where to give birth.

This may be of particular interest if:

  • you have older children to look after
  • you have HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) or severe pregnancy nausea
  • you’re struggling to get around, perhaps because of SPD
  • you have pregnancy complications
  • you’re having issues with anxiety or depression during pregnancy

But everyone needs and deserves nurturing during pregnancy! Gift vouchers for this or postnatal support make an ideal present for a pregnant friend, colleague or family member.

*If you are more than 10miles from me, I may still cover your area but will need to charge to cover travel expenses as well. This is quoted upfront before you book me so you know what you’ll be paying. Get in touch to find out more.