Feeling blessed

As part of my Recognition Interview with my Doula UK Mentor, I was presented with the feedback forms from my clients that had been used as part of the mentoring process. I’ve been blessed with some amazing clients, who have said lovely things about me – and have allowed me to use them on this site!

Reading the feedback forms and remembering those births makes me remember just how amazing this amazing job of doulaing can be. It’s such an honour to be invited to be a part of a woman or a couple’s journey to becoming parents or adding to their family. And the continuity of care that is a part of being a birth doula is incredibly special. I get to see the whole journey. Perhaps seeing a mama start off anxious and unsure, and then totally rocking that labour and blossoming into a confident parent who is enjoying their baba. Seeing that dad be the partner mama needs, with just a few smiles and snacks coming from me. Seeing those babies come into the world and then grow happy and thrive.

Peace and oxytocin to you all. This doula is hitting the sack.